How To Score Cheap Flights

Do you need help finding unbeatable flight deals so that you and your family can travel more? I’ve been asked a few times how we have found such cheap flights for all of our recent adventures so I figured it was time I wrote it down. IMG_20180529_162102

If you are looking for help finding a reasonably priced last minute plane ticket for Thanksgiving weekend, you might be beyond help. In my experience, the key to finding that stellar deal is flexibility. If you are anything like me, your bucket-list is about 18 pages long and gets longer by the day. Being flexible on your destination means you can snag a great deal if it is available in your travel window. Having a flexible travel window can also help you shave money off you ticket. If you can travel during an off or shoulder season for your destination you will get a better flight deal, and likely find cheaper accommodations too. You will also score a better deal if you can avoid traveling during peak times, like the public school spring break, but that is understandably unavoidable for many. Flights departing on a Monday are cheaper than flights departing on a Friday night or Saturday. The same is true for return flights on any day other than a Sunday. Earlier this year, we flew to Ireland for less than $270 per person (taxes and fees included!) because we visited in January flying out on a Monday and flying back on a Tuesday.

Scott’s Cheap Flights is far and away the best email alert for flight deals. There is a free version that sends out cheap flight alerts a few times a week with the lowest price from each city, how long those prices should last, what airlines r booking sites have those deals, and when those flights are available. You can update your setting selecting your home base and secondary airports. If you want to get every deal the Scott’s team comes across, you can upgrade to the premium version for a nominal amount compared to what you might save on flights (about $40 per year). They seem to find the best deals to Europe, the largest destinations in Asia (Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo) and a few southern destinations (Mexico, Belize, Columbia). If you have your heart set on a particular destination, you are significantly more likely to find a deal if you upgrade to Scott’s premium emails. scott's

Secret Flying is a website and app that shares great flight deals. The website highlights the specific dates and routes that the cheap flights are available. Secret Flying also has an app that show cases deals and allows you to search flights. If you want to get instant alerts from the app you will need to become a paying member.

Searching for flight deals on Google Flights is practically my favorite pastime. Google Flights makes it so easy to see which dates have the best prices for any destination so you can easily find the best dates to get the best deal. You can also enter your travel dates and explore which cities have the best deals for your travel window. google flights

Apps for searching for finding great flights:

Skyscanner, Hopper, and Momondo are all wonderful app for finding great deals. All of these apps have away to enter your departing airport and search by price, date or destination. Skyscanner is perfect if you know your dates but don’t know where you want to go. It will help you find the cheapest flight for your travel window.

Hopper predicts if the cost of your ticket will go up or down and by how much. Hopper makes it super easy to track flight prices for any given trip.

When you search for a trip in Momondo, you can easily see if there are better times to fly like the day before or after with their handy price calendar.

If you have any other hot tips for finding the best flight deals, please let me know what I’m missing by leaving a comment. Happy searching!

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