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    Here Goes Nothing: A Solo Trip with a Toddler

    Get ready for lots of selfies with me and Benton because we are traveling solo together for over three weeks leaving in . . . three weeks!! I know it seems a little rash to anyone who hasn’t heard me go on incessantly about all the places I am desperate to visit (sorry sisters); how my “bucket list” is about ten pages long; how I want to show Benton the world; how watching him experience and learn new things is almost more exciting as doing them myself. I pulled the trigger on some cheap round-trip tickets to London because, well, it felt like the thing I had to do. Timing…

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    Welcome to My Adventure Gang!

    I am not a photographer. I am definitely not a writer. I am not a professional traveler. I am not an expert mom. I am not really an expert at anything except eating candy. So why shouldn’t I start a blog documenting my family adventures with my best gang? It feels like a crazy leap to put myself (and total lack of all relevant skills) out there on the interwebs but here goes nothing. I had the immense privilege of traveling with my family through out my childhood and teen years. I studied abroad in Auckland, New Zealand, backpacking around the North Island almost every other weekend and then another…


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