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    Spring Break on Cape Cod with Kids

    If you have lived in New England for any length of time you have probably spent a weekend on Cape Cod, or simply The Cape if you are a true New Englander. We had the opportunity to spend a 3 day weekend on The Cape with our family and I am convinced spring is the best time to visit Cape Cod. If you are a Massachusetts parent looking for a great way to enjoy your April school vacation, look no further than Cape Cod Did you know Cape Cod has over 600 miles of conservation trails, 130 different beaches and over 40,000 acres of national seashore? With so much open…

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    Review: The Wayb Pico Travel Car Seat

    The Wayb Pico is the ultimate travel car seat! Weather you are flying or road-tripping, this super compact, lightweight and easy to install car seat should be your go-to if you’re on the go. Weighing in at only 8lbs, the Pico might be the lightest thing you carry as you run through an airport (if you are anything like my family). The Pico comes with a carrying bag with backpack straps to make it even easier to travel with. The carrying bag is big enough that you won’t be struggling to get the car seat into the bag, like trying to get a kid fresh out of the bath into…

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    5 Tips for Traveling with a Toddler

    I am by no means a travel expert or a parenting expert, or really an expert at anything besides saying “why not? Let’s go for it” when an idea strikes. Travel shouldn’t stop when you have kids, but it certainly changes. Here are some tips that I have learned from traveling with my toddler to 9 countries. Hopefully you are inspired to travel with your toddler or learn something new to help make your next trip with your toddler a success. Don’t forget your ABC’s – ALWAYS Bring Cookies! If your toddler is anything like mine you could leave a trail of cookie crumbs on the floor and they would…

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    Ice Castles With Kids

    It will strike most toddler parents as a miracle that we have successfully managed to avoid the movie Frozen. Based on what I know, Ice Castles feels like a fairy-tale magical world created by Elsa. The pale blue towers of icicles were breathtaking, even for someone who had already seen tons of pictures online. If you are looking for a great way to get outside and enjoy the winter cold with your toddlers, this is it! There are crevasses, tunnels, slides, princesses, and twists and turns in a stunning environment like I’ve never seen before. You might just forget that it is bellow freezing and gets dark at 4:30! We…

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    Gifts For a Traveling Toddler

    As a family, we have been trying very hard to minimize the new “stuff” we bring into our home and focus on experience over things. This year in particular, we have purged unnecessary items from our house to make our home feel more manageable and make space for a new family member. I put together a list of a few gifts ideas to bring the traveling spirit into your home and small toys for your toddler to bring on your next adventure. Books to Inspire Adventure – Whether you are traveling or not, books are always a great idea. We like picking up books in and about new places we…


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