My name is Lydia and this is My Adventure Gang

My family traveled regularly when I was younger. On every single trip, I kept a journal with business cards from every restaurant, ticket stubs from every museum, and notes from every adventure. Welcome to my modern travel scrapbook! I hope this space where I keep track of all my best adventures with my favorite gang just might inspire a few people to go adventure with theirs. And thank goodness for computers because my handwriting is terrible.

I grew up in New York City dreaming of becoming a National Geographic photographer. I let my passion for sharing photography be eclipsed by sharing homemade candy when I started a small sweets business, but I am trying to reconnect with one of my earliest hobbies. I am happiest sharing and eating candy with friends and family (it helps when you own a candy business) and will always have you over for dinner last minute no matter what my house looks like.

The Nyhavn in Copenhagen
The Nyhavn in Copenhagen

Craig grew up in Vermont and has the best laugh I have ever heard. I know I am a little biased about that, but the Craig chuckle is a thing, and it’s contagious. Craig happiest fishing or sitting quietly in nature (which is almost impossible with a toddler) or playing a practical joke, usually on me.2701-2019-113353930813071995749

Benton is a Lowellian by birth, a New Yorker because he is too cool for school, and a Vermonter in his love of throwing rocks at puddles. Benton is happiest when he is looking at trucks or petting (read lying on top of) Good Girl, our dog Joba. He is the most easy going toddler with the most energy I have ever met and always shouts, “That’s a great idea!” when you offer up an adventure.

We recently added another member to My Adventure Gang! Wyatt is by far the most skeptical MAG member but also the cuddliest. 2701-2019-114517530764707817650

We are all happiest when out adventuring together, whether it is experiencing new things or hitting our tried and true favorite trail in the local forest. Our mission is to treat every single day like an adventure and help inspire other parents with young children to get out and do the same!


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